Base Configuration

The configuration file is a JSON format file where you specify the general properties to configure the enricher instance. This file is different from stream config file that define the KS topology.

Example configuration file:

  "": "ks-enricher-app-id",
  "bootstrap.servers": "localhost:9092",
  "": 1,
  "bootstrapper.classname": "io.wizzie.enricher.builder.bootstrap.KafkaBootstrapper",
  "metric.enable": true,
  "metric.listeners": ["io.wizzie.metrics.listeners.ConsoleMetricListener"],
  "metric.interval": 60000,
  "": false,
  "global.topics": ["reputation"],
  "bypass.null.keys": true
Property Description Default Value This id is used to identify a group of enricher instances. Normally this id is used to identify different clients. -
bootstrap.servers A list of host/port pairs for establishing the initial connection to the Kafka cluster. The client will make use of all servers irrespective of which servers are specified here for bootstrapping—this list only impacts the initial hosts used to discover the full set of servers. This list should be in the form host1:port1,host2:port2 - The number of threads to execute stream processing. 1
bootstrapper.classname The bootstrapper class reference. More info: Bootstrapper -
metric.enable Enable metrics system. false
metric.listeners Array with metrics listeners. More info: Metrics [“io.wizzie.metrics. listeners.ConsoleMetricListener”]
metric.interval Metric report interval (milliseconds) 60000 This property is used when you have multiple enricher instances with different and the enricher uses the same topic names. More Info Multi Tenant false
metric.enable Enable metrics system. false
global.topics This property is used to not prefix to both streams and tables to the topics at this list. More info Multi Tenant. Empty list.
bypass.null.keys This property is used to use a random key for incoming messages with null key. This may be useful when you want a message with null key bypass a join. false

Note: If you want to configure specific Kafka Streams properties, you can add these properties to this config file. The properties key.serde and value.serde will be overwritten by enricher.