Basic Concepts

This document will be an introduction to the most basic concepts of Wizz-Vis. Each concept will be developed more widely in its corresponding sections.


Druid data is stored in datasources, which are similar to tables in a traditional RDBM.


Dimensions are fields that can be filtered on or grouped by. They are always single Strings, arrays of Strings, single Longs, single Doubles or single Floats.


Aggregators are metrics that can be aggregated. They are often stored as numbers (integers or floats) but can also be stored as complex objects like HyperLogLog sketches or approximate histogram sketches.

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The Dashboard is where it all comes together. Dashboards can be thought of as of a set of one or more Widgets.

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Widget is the basic visualization element at Wizz-Vis. It represent a KPI selecting Dimensions and Aggregators from a Datasource.

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Wizz-Vis include a powerful API-REST aimed to create and customize the widgets, including export and import them. Also, it can be used to manage the dashboards and list the Datasources, Dimensions and Aggregators.

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